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If you are looking for a creative challenge and love to quiz, then this is the game for you. Sketch and scratch your way through tons of creative questions...

Out Now

Get ready for the most difficult game in the universe. If you like a challenge, what could be better than flying through space in a rocket trying to lasso as many...

Coming soon

Skillfully navigate a rotating propellor through a ballon filled sky. Accumulate gold coins on your way, but hit a balloon and you lose it all. How long will you wait before...

Coming soon

Javira is a one man studio based in Denmark, with a small but talented team of freelancers spread across the world from the US to Indonesia.

We are passionate about our craft and dedicated to bring you the very best gaming experiences on stationary, mobile and console platforms.

Our mission is not only to make hours of enjoyment, but to create new and memorable gaming characters that will be synonymes with the new era of open platforms.

Javira was founded by Tue Jensen, a designer and game development veteran of 15 years.

Our focus is on developing our own IP and bring it to open platforms. Our titles cross a multitude of game genres but are mainly target at casual gamers.

We strive to be known for high quality casual games with a strong audio and visual presence that rivals the work of industry giants.

Strap on your seatbelt and buckle up for an action packed shooter game with a retro feel and a awesome soundtrack. Feast your eyes on the glowing particle rain...

Coming soon

Ever wondered how your luck will pan out in life? Then this is a game you must try. In the mystical lava trench you must use your quick refleces to keep the...

Coming soon

Take to the high seas in your trusty tugboat and fight the mighty Kraken as you hunt for the frozen treasure. Saw icebergs in half with your powerfull canon to uncover...

Coming Soon

Can you move like justin timberman. Swing a sword like a king and charm the ladies like a prince? Strap on your ironpants and make it rain princesses. Unlock all of....

In development

Grab your coat and your lucky hat and get ready for an adventure. Rush through a dusty tomb filled with mysterious treasures, challenging traps and scary mummies...

In development

The Druids are in need of help, and who better to come to their rescue than TIMO. Strap on your lucky hat and buckle up, cause adventure calls. Ride through sandy...

In development

As an emerging indie game developer, we are up against the big boys, and try our best to get noticed.

If you are a blog owner, journalist, radio host, youtuber or have itchy twitter fingers, we are only too happy to help you build your story.You are encouraged to spread the word and are allowed to use all website or blog material for your story.

If you are looking for an interview skype or written? Just throw us an e-mail and you will get the full story.

Javira is currently a one man studio and do not have any vacant part-time or full-time positions.

Freelance voice actors, 3D Modelers, 2D Artists and Animators are welcome to submit their portfolio.

Outsourcing agencies are not encouraged to get in touch and will not be not guaranteed a responds.

All inquiries should be sent to:info@javira.com